Associated Enterprises

Century aligns and associates itself with other businesses that are frontrunners in the fields of hospitality and education, adding texture to the gamut of its activities.


This is a progressive institution, following the ICSE pattern and committed to providing primary and secondary school education in the global context. Holistic, networked learning and technology in education are an integral part of its routine academic practice. The school has earned recognition for the quality of the teaching and learning practices, which function in a collaborative and dynamic environment of a new paradigm in education, recognizing the child’s ability to THINK.

Founded to serve the educational needs of toddlers and pre-school children, this school aims to provide a stimulating educational environment where children feel happy, secure and confident.



Icon Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. - The owner of Royal Orchid Central Hotel, M.G. Road (a 130 room, centrally located 4 star business hotel), this company partners with Royal Orchid Hotels which also owns Royal Orchid Harsha and Royal Orchid Towers hotels.